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Dorian Glass Strategy ConsultantStrategy Creation that ... works!

is a modern and progressive Business Strategy Consultancy.

Formed in 2001, the consultancy offers a variety of value-enriching business tooling, but spearheads this offer with powerful and focused strategic expertise to enable organisations to achieve sustainable growth and maximised profits.

The reasoning for the strategic slant is simple... In today's highly competitive and ever-changing global economy, businesses can no longer take their profitability for granted.

Whatever you're doing today, however you are doing it, you need to be more efficient, resourceful and productive for tomorrow if you wish to remain a contender in the current marketplace for goods & services. Merely maintaining the status quo of your business will not assure success, or, even survival.  Fact.


History & Biography

Dorian Glass is the "DG" behind "DGSC." As a classic business consultant, he specialises in business strategy creation, underpinned and informed by his seasoned Marketing, Media and Insight / R & D experience.

Our Emphasis

The oft-mentioned "Innovation Sandbox" vividly teaches us that the most efficient innovation and creative achievements take place within pre-defined, strategic guidelines.

Primary Consulting Services

DGSC's primary consulting services to clients are designed to provide a clear operating framework by which organisations are easily able to map out and drive their strategic direction and destination forward.

Who Needs DGSC?

There are essentially two kinds of organisations in this world:

  • Visionary, forward-thinking organisations that actively demand a relevant place in society ... or, ...

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