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Dorian Glass is the "DG" behind "DGSC." As a classic business consultant, he specialises in business strategy creation, underpinned and informed by his seasoned Marketing, Media and Insight / R & D experience.

DGSC prides itself on effectively using the experience and insight of its owner and carefully chosen strategic partners to provide a powerful "toolbox" for success; a toolbox that client is able to easily and passionately utilise to achieve their business aspirations.

Dorian blends a formal university education (B. Bus. Sc., Economics & Marketing) with cutting-edge strategic and marketing experience gained from quality time spent with established, corporate blue-chips (see "History & Biography").  

His business consulting experience since 2001 adds significant perspective sourced from various industries. This allows for a mature business perspective and approach, producing a consulting "Value Proposition" that cuts astutely and finely into the very "bones" of any organisation's challenges and needs.