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Dorian blends a formal university education (B. Bus. Sc., Economics & Marketing) with cutting-edge strategic and marketing experience gained from quality time spent with established, corporate blue-chips (see "History & Biography").  

His business consulting experience since 2001 adds significant perspective sourced from various industries. This allows for a mature business perspective and approach, producing a consulting "Value Proposition" that cuts astutely and finely into the very "bones" of any organisation's challenges and needs.

His natural intuitiveness, inventiveness and broad, comprehensive means of viewing business challenges provides client with a valuable means of eking a powerful visionary path forward, utilising every key area of the organisation.

Dorian's ability to clearly "see the bigger picture" delivers to client an all-encompassing business solution that is underscored by genuine sustainability, novel thinking and permanence in its grasp of identifying the most optimal opportunity pathways.

A core "leave-behind" for each completed project is a deeply-seated "inter-dependence" between employees within organisations he serves (especially within EXCO). With "people" being the catalysts for driving sustainable growth & success, Dorian ensures that people alignment and inspiration form the very "glue" for clients' future successes