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DGSC's primary consulting services to clients are designed to provide a clear operating framework by which organisations are easily able to map out and drive their strategic direction and destination forward.

The resulting business "recipe" or "model" deriving from such a framework mobilises, prioritises & optimises an organisation's key resources, placing strategic emphasis on consumers / customers, financial allocation, operational efficiency and manpower optimisation.

To accomplish this, DGSE assists organisations with a formal process for generating tailored, "mission-critical" strategic pathways that, when implemented, allow an organisation to maximise its growth and performance far into the future - sustainably & confidently.

The lead-up to choosing these formalised strategies requires looking at the total organisation as a blend of many different facets that, together, frame the "working whole" of the company.  The old adage "one is only as strong as one's weakest link" provides key insight to this understanding.

The services offered by DGSC thus relate to the delivery of strategic direction to an integrated organisation, cutting across a variety of its different key functions.  The process of choosing which DGSC services to use is dictated by a formal, up-front audit of the organisation, such that key areas requiring attention are clearly identified, targeted and brought together within a tailored consulting solution for client.

Client is able to make use of a number of established service offers from DGSC:

  • Mining of strategic insights and the processing thereof, focused in particular on driving consumer / customer demand
  • Traditional market research
  • Market industry audit, assessment & segmentation
  • Company capability audit and core strengths determination
  • Opportunity identification and prioritisation
  • Shared company Vision / Mission / Values discovery & implementation
  • Company and / or brand positioning / re-positionin
  • Strategy Design & Implementation [Brand and/or Company]
  • Brand creation, development, unique imaging & market positioning
  • Brand portfolio design & optimisation
  • Brand roll-out, promotion & advertising
  • Packaging, product and graphic design [incl. NPD]
  • Focused marketing & media planning
  • Customer experience creation, implementation and monitoring
  • Web site design & implementation